Buying the Perfect Domain Name

If this is your first time starting out an online business or if you are looking for an excellent domain name to make sure that your online business succeeds, then you have to understand how to purchase the right domain name for your current business and target audience. There are a lot of TLDs or top-level domain names available, different combinations, different styles and different ways to make your domain name stand our depending upon your business type, online content, target audience and more. With a lot of different criteria and factors to determine your domain name success, it seems that it really is too hard to find the perfect domain for you. But with the right guide, you can easily find the best domain for you. Here are some of the tips that you can try to make sure that you get the perfect domain name for you.

Use Keywords in your Domain Name

If you are going to register your domain name, make sure that it contains the keyword that you target. For example, if you are a car insurance company, then your domain name should be something like “” or the like.We sold at a premium for just this reason.

But for a competitive market like that, it can be hard to find the best and perfect domain for you because they are most likely to be already taken. However, you can still find some good domain brokers to try and negotiate to buy the domain name.

Search for the Obvious

If you are searching for available domain name, then try searching for the most obvious first. Just like in the example above, we are using the “” but if it’s already taken, then, most of the time, your domain provider will always put suggestions closely related to your domain name that’s still available.

Memorable and Easy to Type

Your domain name should be easily remembered and typed. Take a look at,, and They are short, easy to remember and type. Just like our example above, we are using the “”, it’s easy to type, remember and find. It includes our keywords and it’s obvious, now for the next tip.

No Punctuation

Do not use hyphens or any other weird punctuations in your domain name. Not only it’s uneasy to remember but also it’s also hard to type. Just take a look at our example earlier, the “”, if you are to make it like “”, it will become harder to type and remember and it looks annoying. Just stay away from any punctuation marks.


Now that we have some of the basic tips in finding your best domain name, you can easily look for a lot of available options from different sellers. In our example, “” represents a perfect domain name for a car insurance website. And oh, look for a domain broker because it looks like on sale right now!