What is a Domain Broker?

If you have your own website, then you are probably popular about the importance of a domain name in SEO, branding and more. However, because there’s already millions of websites online, there is a good chance that a great domain name that you want to get is already up somewhere or is already bought and parked. If you think all is lost, then you are wrong.

That’s where a domain broker enters. In contrary, if you have a valuable domain name or website and you want to sell it for some reason, it can be hard to find a buyer and a domain broker can also enter into the scene to help you do your transaction.

Therefore, no matter if you are looking for a valuable domain name or if you want to sell your valuable domain name, then you need to get a domain broker. But what does a domain broker really does?

By definition, a domain broker is an individual who purchases and offers domain names for others. While this is a spot-on definition, there are various misinterpretations about what a broker really does. There are numerous in the domain buy and sell business believes that a broker’s sole job is to find a purchaser who will pay the merchant’s asking value, regardless of how high (or overrated) the domain may be.

That being said, it is most likely not the sole job of the broker to discover a purchaser at any asking cost. The essence of the domain broker is to go to an agreement with the seller to offer their domain at fair market price. The goal is to offer the domain for a decent profit, not to find some rich purchaser with pockets so profound that they are willing to pay whatever the price is. Therefore, we can conclude that domains are not a game of hunting, but a business that needs intelligence, skill and patience.

Offering domains is not a simple errand and if you have a somewhat expansive list of domain names that you can sell, it can be exceptionally tedious. So why not pay the broker a little percentage to do all the hard work for you? You pay movers to move your furniture; you pay Real Estate Agents to sell your home, bookkeepers to do your charges, why not a domain broker to offer your domain?

Your domain broker will spend countless hours in looking for the best deals from the best customers. He or she will embark on a journey to contact resellers, end-users, contractors and more in order to find the best deal for your domain or website. Just like we said before, you can just sit back, relax, and let the domain broker do the work for you.